My first book is on Amazon!!!

I feel like it is a major accomplishment to have actually made it this far. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. It is Story of a Girl under Haley Abbott Taylor because it won’t show up under the title which Amazon is supposed to be fixing. It is a very personal story and it was very therapeutic to get it out there.

I thought I would publish part of my up coming book intro to fab 5 followers – so here goes nothing – Book Intro “People can take everything away from you but they can never take away you truth.“ – My Perogative, Britney Spears, (Metrolyrics) I started this book on my 39th birthday. Why, now, after all these years? The answer is simply because the things I experienced, my story as a girl, haunts me everyday. It is my past but, because through adversity we learn. I seems throughout my life I have learned the most through the worst times. I want to let go of my past, at least the ghosts, and keep the lessons, move on, to the find closure, that has for so many years eluded me as a person. Yet, I know, I will never truly move on and that is okay, I am who I am today because of my past. All the insecurities, the pain, but I found strength and me along the way. Are there things I would change about who I am at 39? Definitely! But would I change my past, knowing what I now know? I am not sure I would. Because the things I would change about myself now, are not the things that define me as a human. I am sensitive, to a fault, which made my childhood even more difficult. I could never let go, and I always internalized what was going on around me, many times, in my mind, making it my own fault, even though I was just a child of circumstance is so many ways. But for better or for worse, my childhood brought me here. To where I am now. I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy, with accepting love, with wanting to please people, so that they will love me, searching to find something I feel I lost, but was never truly mine. Somehow, through all of this, I managed to find love with an amazing husband, have three beautiful children, and get an education. So when my mind tells me I will never be more that that lost little girl, I now know that I am so much more, yet I am still her too, and unfortunately I still need the reminding. Though, she lingers, haunts, and sometimes prowls, dragging me back into dark places. I won’t lie, someday the dark she wins. I am not foolish enough to think that writing this book will keep my past from haunting me, but I am hoping that this experience is carthartic and brings me to a balance between yesterday and today. I want my past to empower me as a person, to inspire empathy and understanding within me, but to never make me doubt my own worth. Which it still does, scarily so, each day. If I can even distract the negative thoughts left behind from childhood more effectively, then I have a chance at happiness here and there.

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Name: Haley 
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✋ My name is Haley, and I’m interested in making new blogger friends.

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Expand on that! (optional): Right now I am excited about my first book and connecting with some of my favorite authors and other book lover.  I also just love taking about anything.

I like to talk about: books, funny stuff, SNL (huge SNL freak), life in general.  The good, the bad, and the ugly in each day.  Dealing with chronic health issues including mental health.  Did I mention anything?

Conversation Starters: My name is Haley, we are going to be friends.  So what is your favorite Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games, Shade of a Vampire, 50 Shades of Grey, or Marvel (Movie/Book)?  There is not a right answer.


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I have 4 Followers

I kind of feel on top of the word right now. I know it is only 4 but it is my first 4. My Fantastic Four! (All movie rights to whom they below)

Thank you so much – you have made my day today!

And after the night I had in the ER yesterday, I honestly really needed it. I also have a Facebook page Haley Abbott Taylor – just if you want to get crazy.

Thanks so much to my marvelous four!!!



08697E06-8DC6-454D-8843-44C9074F8060So this is a book blog and I am finishing a book.  I don’t have an exact release date yet but I have an example cover or basically it is what I am leaning towards.  Thoughts?  Also I have one follower – what is the best way to get more?  Any ideas would be helpful.

Hello – Welcome

Hi, I am Haley and this is my page. I am going to be releasing my first book soon. I will post more about the date of release as soon as I have it firm. Just a little about me though in the meantime. I am a southern girl in my forties with a family. I am a self proclaimed nerd and a little social awkward. I either struggle for words or talk peoples ears off or sometimes both together. I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. They are all a little quirky like me but that is what makes them great. I am very excited to be embarking on this journey of authorship. It has always been a dream of mine to write about life and Fiction that hopes to be stranger than reality. I am hoping I am up to the challenge. I also hope that some of you will come on this journey with me. Talk to you soon.